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WhatsApp has gained huge popularity amongst youngsters. You will not find a single Smartphone without Whatsapp installed in it. Its notification tone never stops ringing. You can chat; send images, videos and many other things using Whatsapp. Not all of us know about complete features of whatsapp. This article will help you to know more about it, how to use different features on whatsapp.

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Whatsapp chat backup
When we chat with our special friends many we want to save the chat because it’s lovely to read it again and again. For those people who feel the same this feature will help you to do so. How to save chat? Open whatsapp – menu – go to settings – chat preference –select chat history backup. Now if you are thinking who will do this every day don’t worry. What’s App will automatically save your chats backup every day at 4 am in the morning.

Chat Shortcut
If you are daily user and chat frequently throughout the day then to open the app every time you want to chat is somewhat cumbersome.  To save you from trouble if you are android user then you can create chat shortcut on your home screen. To need to open the app every time you need to chat. How to create shortcut? Go to menu and select more a window will popup then select add conversation shortcut.

Share History
You share your chats to your friends through e-mail. You can later view chats in your e-mail.

Sharing photos
Photos received through Whatsapp are stored in your phone. In Android mobiles this photos or videos are store in phones gallery/Whatsapp /media/Whatsapp. You can share these files on facebook or keep them as contact photos. You can see the shared photos by selecting media folder. In case of IOS these photos are saved in the App.

How to Share?
For Android users go to conversations and click on menu – more – email conversation. What’s App will convert your chats into email. It also converts your audio/video files. Now you can mail them to any one you want.
For IOS users go to settings and select email chat history.

Changing wallpaper
If you are bored seeing the same background wallpaper every day then here’s good news. You can change the background wallpaper. How to change the wallpaper?
  • For Android users- go to chat menu and click on wallpaper and set which ever wallpaper you want.
  • For IOS users- go to setting – conversation setting – chat wallpaper
Sending broadcast message
 If you want to send a single message to many peoples at the same time Whatsapp allows you to do this. For sending broadcast message go to Whatsapp menu- more – broadcast message. Now select the contacts whom you what to send the message. Type the message and click on send.

What’s App is very useful app. You can send text messages, images, audio, and video using Whatsapp for free. All you need to have is working internet connection. I hope this article will help you to use Whatsapp more effectively.

Download Whatsapp official link: http://www.whatsapp.com/download/


  1. Smart phones are doing so well and especially their apps are becoming so advanced with eye catching features and ease of access. Lovable article


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